Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort Reveals Sensational Festive Program
Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort Reveals Sensational Festive Program
11 Reasons to Visit Mauritius
11 Reasons to Visit Mauritius
Our Exclusive Indian Beach Lunch at Ile Aux Cerf
Our Exclusive Indian Beach Lunch at Ile Aux Cerf
Ile Aux Aigrettes
Ile Aux Aigrettes
The Ten Best Beaches in Mauritius
The Ten Best Beaches in Mauritius
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11 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

  1. Beaches
    Whenever Mauritius Islands comes to mind, anyone instantly thinks of an island of endless miles of dazzling beaches, White flour sand beaches, turquoise warm lagoons which is naturally protected by coral reef. And they are right. Mauritius has spectacular coasts with distinct facets. The calmest are in the western end and north of the Island, whereas the south are hidden ,rocky caves, while the east is simply the perfect. They are lined with Casuarina, coconut or palm trees. Add to the above a rich submarine life and ideal water temperature (around 27°C), you have the perfect mix for the best holiday ever! All beaches are public so you can easily hop from one inviting stretch to the next. Mauritius, often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a stamping ground for holidays and leisure activities, lush vegetation, inland activities and rich cultural values..

2. Mauritius is a vibrant cultural mix. The fusion of culture and tradition is one of the Island’s biggest charms. It manifests in the religion, cuisines, language, and even the dressing of the people. The Mauritian culture is a reflection of the diversity of its population, religious monuments of different ethics on the same street is a perfect example of pluralism harmony.
Port-Louis the capital of the island is a city rich in culture and history of Mauritius. It’s here that churches sit next to Hindu temples or Mosque, tea is served with samosas, and Europeans, Hindus, Muslims, Creoles and Chinese enjoy equal popularity. Finally, ensure you get some African jive by catching a performance of Séga Dance- the island’s traditional dance with African roots.

3.Geo Political & Instability
As a developing country, Mauritius is one of the most stable African countries. Tourism is a pillar of the economy and each year the country is refining to welcome more and more visitors. The only instability that could happen in Mauritius is cyclone, which can usually occur between the month of January and February.

4. Climate and Weather
Unlike other countries, Mauritius is a year round destination. This is mainly due to its ideal geographical location. In fact, Mauritius lies just above the tropic of Capricorn, thus relishing from a lot of sunshine throughout the year. Mauritius has only two season, summer between October and April and winter during the remaining six month. As surprising as it may seem, it is still very hot in Mauritius during winter and needless to say that in the course of summer it gets hotter. Here the temperature never drops any less than 16°C and it can easily reach up to 35 °C.

With an affordable standard of life, Mauritius can offer world class resorts at very competitive prices. Expenses are so low as compared to Europe. And with all the shopping malls now available across the island, Mauritius is ideal for spending efficiently. As far as daily budget is concerned, 50 £ per person is enough to spend for travel and a restaurant lunch. It might be useful to bring your credit card and not too much liquid cash as there are ATMs and most businesses accept VISA and MasterCard.

6. Food
It is not food that’s be your challenge but making the best choice. With a vibrant mix of culture that manifests in the island’s delicacies, you can be sure to meet your match for tasty meals from all continents. Be sure to scan restaurants menus from Daube, a classic tomato-based chicken stew, and Fish Vindaye, a Mauritian take on Indian vindaloo. You can also nibble on Mauritian snacks like Dholl Puri, a traditional flatbread filled with spicy ground split peas. Alternatively, sample the island’s iconic Babonne—a fleshy white fish similar to Red Snapper.
Most people would call this the national dish of Mauritius and they would not be lying. Dholl Puri -a cross between parantha and dal kachori, it is a flat bread stuffed with ground yellow split peas and served with chutney. Enjoy it with Mazavaroo, the Mauritian chilli paste you will find slathered on most of the local dishes. If you are a sucker for spicy food, don’t forget to buy a jar for yourself. There is so much for the taste bud.

7. Wild Internal
One sure thing is that you will never get bored when visiting Mauritius, there are so many activities to enjoy. With so much to do and see, it is quite difficult narrowing down the lengthy list of places to visit. Beaches are great but Chamarel holds another of Mauritius amazing natural wonder. It is the Rainbow-like dunes called the Seven-Coloured Earth in Chamarel; it is a Mars-like landscape, marked by vibrant swirls and strips of red, green, yellow, indigo and violet coloured sands that mysteriously never mix or wash away.

8.Lust Vegetation
Seeking adrenaline-boosting activities or bored of the sun-lounger? Head out to explore the lush reserve via quad bike, buggy, horseback, mountain bike or foot. You can equally go zip lining or hiking through the rain forest, or try canyoning in the waterfalls or take to the water and explore every kind of Wildlife -Nile crocodiles, giant tortoises and even bears roaming Mauritius’s nature reserves. Visit the island’s forests stand a chance to see the rare pink pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel.

9. Deep-Sea Fishing
Mauritius is one of the world’s best big-game fishing destinations, and holds many international competitions to prove it. The blue marlin in particular is prized; take a charter boat out beyond the reef that encircles the island for your chance to land a whopper. Take a boat trip from Tamarin Bay to spot the pods of dolphins that play in the waters and to swim alongside dolphins and whales is one of the most unique activities that one can experience in Mauritius. Mostly located around Tamarin Bay, these intelligent and charming marine mammals tend to hobnob with the visitors.

10. RUM SUGAR Island
Where there’s sugar, there’s rum; the latter being the by-product of the former. Mauritius has over four centuries’ history with sugar cane and the history continues till date. Explore the Island’s old sugar mill and sample unrefined sugars, learn about sugar’s history and production through interactive exhibits. But don’t forget to appreciate the by-product of the island’s sugar production, the rum. The taste is best defined by personal experience

11. Mauritian Shopping
From fruit and vegetable, handicrafts, spices, to street foods, Mauritius’ markets offer a cheerful slice of just about everything on every shoppers’ list. They also offer great opportunities to dive into Mauritian life. Just 20 -30 minutes from the Resort it’s a vibrant market that is a great stop for almost everything from handmade textiles to locally grown tea. Other notable markets include those in Port Louis, Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes, Central Flacq , Mahebourgh and the beach side fish market in Grand Bay. Apart from that we also have luxurious ADAMAS Diamond shop at Floreal, Port Louis, Arsenal and Grand Bay.

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